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Gospel Hubs are the houses and locations where we gather throughout the week. The best way to connect with us is through one of our Gospel Hubs. We have Gospel Hubs in Warner Robins and West Metro Atlanta. Let us know if you are ready to join us by clicking the "Save My Spot" button. We will contact you with times and locations. Click "Save My Spot" for our Sunday Morning Time and Location. 

WHat Can I Expect? 

A Gospel Hub is a gathering of about five to twenty men, women, and kids who meet in homes, coffee shops, or wherever. Here we worship God, study the Bible, sing, pray, and care for one another.

We believe that the church is a people, not a program. The church is an identity, not an activity. We are the body of Christ. We are called to join Jesus by bringing the kingdom of God everywhere we live, work, and play.


​The early church first met all together in one house (Acts 2:1–2) and then in many houses (Acts 2:46). We are a group of ordinary men and women who desire to grow in our obedience to Jesus, in our love for one another, and our passion for the mission of God. Join us as we seek to make disciples that make disciples. 

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