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Healthy Church

Last Sunday, we launched our first house church with 50 people. It was a powerful day that confirmed that building a Simple Church is healthy and good.

Simple Church, House Church, Micro Church, or whatever you want to call it, is healthy.

Acts 2:37-47 identifies a number of elements modeled, practiced, and passed on by the early church.

Here they are:

  1. Repentance

  2. Baptism

  3. Holy Spirit

  4. Prayer

  5. Worship

  6. Fellowship - sharing, participation, cooperation

  7. Shared Meals (including communion)

  8. Love for one another

  9. Generosity

  10. Meeting regularly (met daily from house to house)

  11. Leadership development

  12. Disciple Making

  13. Reading and Obeying Scripture

We experienced Healthy Church as we gathered in a house with men, women, and children that desire to obey Jesus.

Simple Church removes the unnecessary (dedicated building, professional musicians, professional clergy, and programs) and focuses on growing in our obedience to Jesus, our love for one another, and our passion for God's mission.

We discovered that the presence of God shows up when the people of God gather together, worship, pray, read scripture, and love one another...even in someones house.

If you would like to join us as we seek to multiply disciples and churches, click the button below and we will get you connected.


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