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Simple Church Part 2

For the past three years, we have preached the need for men, women, and children to be immersed in a genuine biblical community outside the four walls of the church. Worshipping together on a Sunday morning is necessary and good, but meeting with other Christians during the week is equally, if not more important, than gathering on Sunday morning for one hour. Christ is formed in us when we meet regularly, when we submit to the Holy Spirit, submit to one another, read scripture together, hold one another accountable, and allow the truth of God's word to shape and form our beliefs and practices.

Following Jesus is communal and depends on every man, woman, and child to participate in the life of the church. Scripture describes a community of ordinary men, women, and children responding to the Gospel, getting baptized, immediately gathering in homes, sharing meals, praying, discussing the word of God, and fellowshipping with regularity. In this community, the adults include their kids in this newfound life in Christ. Perhaps the sudden departure from following Jesus found throughout America, especially among the younger generations, is a lack of modeling and practicing in environments that allow youth and kids to participate and witness their parents live out their faith in Jesus.

A simple and healthy church consists of several elements identified in Acts 2:36-42

  1. As a result of the Gospel preached, people repented of their sins and were baptized in the name of Jesus and were filled with the Holy Spirit.

  2. These new believers devoted themselves to the word of God, prayer, the breaking of bread (sharing their meals, including communion), and fellowship.

  3. These believers were unified and generous by meeting the needs of those around them.

  4. They met from house to house with sincere, glad, and humble hearts.

  5. This results in goodwill among all the people, and the Lord added to the number daily.

This Simple Church format is the primary vehicle to disciple men, women, and children. The Simple Church format will form Christ in the believers by allowing them to encounter Jesus in a meaningful, interactive setting that empowers them to go and do the ministry's work.


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